The New Day Calendar is the start of a daily devotional that will focus on the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Sunday – Love Day – Love God and People – Serve God on the first day of the week.

Monday – Joy Day – Embrace the unique work and purpose God has for each person.

Tuesday – Peace Day – Goodness flowing.  Peace is things flowing as they should.  Effective communication.  Goods and resources flowing.  Mercy flowing to those who repent.  Justice flowing to the stubborn.

Wednesday – Patience Day – Investing in People – A mother investing one meal at a time for a child to  grow.  A teacher investing one lesson at a time to teach wisdom.  An employer training their employees.  An evangelist training disciples.

Thursday – Gentleness Day – Guide and respond gently.  A soft answer turns away wrath (Our secret weapon.)  Correct gently with love and a focus to help them please Jesus.

Friday – Kindness Day – Actively bless others – If we are to love our enemies and do good to those who hate us, then how much more to the people around us.

Saturday – Rest Day – Rest from greed, ambition and addictions to reflect on God’s goodness and His evaluation of our week.  Why not self-control?  Because the “self-control” topic quickly leads to a bunch of don’ts and manipulation from people.  The fruit of resting from our greed, pride and ambition to evaluate our lives in light of God’s Word and wisdom leads to the right self-control in the context of growing closer to Christ.  As I yearn to live a life that matters in the face of eternity, I want to get rid of crud in my life.

How to implement the New Day Calendar on your Google or Apple calendar:

Set up a recurring event on Sunday …  “1. Love Day” in the title.  Repeats weekly.  In the description, paste the theme – “Love God and People – Serve God on the first day of the week.

Set up a weekly recurring event on Monday … “2. Joy Day” in the title.  In the description section write, “Embrace the unique work and purpose God has for each person.”

Repeat for the additional days of the week. 

God has been changing me as a result of joining with the Holy Spirit to change my attitudes.  I originally thought, “God you have the wrong person for this, I am grumpy and not gentle.”  But, God has been slowly changing my attitudes and responses.

The daily devotional is not a one-time book to read, but your personal story as God writes His Word in your heart and His good fruit is  produced in your life.